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"I like future thinking,"says John Bruno, a personal trainer who runs virtual Pilates, yoga and NLP classes from his studio in Cardiff. "Soon you will be able to switch on your iShades and be in a class looking at the instructor standing next to you best friend, who has moved to Australia, alongside your sister, who lives 100 miles away"

John Bruno Virtual Fitness Pilates Sunday Times 
August 2012

"A new fitness craze hitting the States means people can workout in the comfort of their own home, office or hotel room – by training with a personal trainer via Skype. Penarth-based personal trainer John Bruno, one of the first to introduce it in Wales, tells Rachel Mainwaring how technology is helping us keep fit"

John Bruno Virtual Fitness Pilates WalesOnline
September 2011

"I've known John for 18 years, his foresight in seeing sustainable trends to develop his business is excellent, from the first Pilates studio in Wales to live fitness training to clients all over the world for the last 10 years" 
 TB Pilates
"Johns innovative approach to taking web based personal training and simplifying everything from selling online courses to live streaming classes" "Over to last 3 years John has helped in mentor me develop my business and has helped me make key divisions"
David Williams Concept Studio web design
I personally trained John to teach The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method and his enthusiasm and dedication to Face Yoga has been wonderful- from being a Super Trainer to teaching at national shows for us. John has a great experience in the world of business and his knowledge helps people build and grow their businesses too. He is also very passionate about the future of technology and is very forward thinking in his approach to training. 
Danielle Collins, World leading Face Yoga expert
I have known John for over 18yrs and as a fitness professional and business entrepreneur I find his thoughts stimulating and insightful. The level of consistency he had achieved in all aspects of his life makes him a great sounding board and confidant. I can offer no greater a prize other than to say when he speaks he has my utmost attention and respect!!! 
Ian Davies proprietor Ocean hair salon
I have known John Bruno for over 18 years and he has always been ahead of the game in terms of health and fitness. He is a great innovator and motivator who has devised training programmes in many sports such as golf, rugby and boxing..  Over the years he has built a solid and inspiring business which has continuously moved with the times. His studio work has embraced many disciplines, for all abilities  and ages. John was one of the first to embrace the the internet and moved online to take his teaching sessions to anyone keen to train in their homes or office. 
Sue Worrall Juice Plus Nutritional Expert